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NOTE:  If you are using a widescreen monitor, realize that
in order to achieve the widescreen aspect ratio,
the monitor expands the width of all graphics.
Therefore both people and things
appear wider than they really are.
(For instance, we're not as fat as the picture below makes us seem.)

We invite you to view some photos
that we've taken in recent years, that we think might be
of interest to you.

Fran takes great pleasure in photography.
In her many travels, both on personal trips and
those connected with her international human rights work,
she has taken many, many pictures.
Some of the places she has visited are listed below.
Click any of the icons to see
the photos that Fran has selected.
Pictures from the places that have no icons yet,
will be added in the future.

Nicaragua - Coming



Cambodia - Coming


Uganda - Coming

I (Bill) have
favorites among Fran's photos, that are
not included on the pages linked above.

To see them, click here --> .

I've also taken some pictures that I particularly like.
Most were shot in
and around Wanaque, New Jersey,
where we have our house
.  You might like them too.

Click here --> to see some of my pictures.

If you still haven't seen photos from our wedding,
the celebratory party, or our prenuptial honeymoon in London,

click here -->

Click here for Bill's mini-blog, "Commentaries"

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